The software inside of leading laboratory equipment

Break innovation barriers by leveraging our modular human-machine interface to rapidly introduce new laboratory equipment to market with a fraction of the cost while complying with global standards

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“Our vision is to provide the best software for the best laboratory equipment”

Michael Dirix, CEO

Certos is an HMI solution designed for laboratory equipment, addressing all GMP and lab 4.0 requirements

Who we serve

We serve manufacturers of
laboratory and scientific equipment.

The Certos 4 software framework enables our customers to bring connected lab 4.0 products rapidly to the market  at a fraction of the usual cost

Reduce development time and risk 10x

Get new products to market while having certainty about the end product
and retaining full flexibility

Upgrade current products

Use Certos to modernize your current touch interface or convert an analog interface to a touch interface

Develop new products

Use Certos to rapidly give your latest innovation an interface that users are excited about

Create and add new accessories 

Easily create and add-on controller with Certos and Certos plug and play hardware

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Unlock new market segments…

Address key needs of your customers by offering comprehensive product features

GMP/FDA compliance

Certos is a turn-key solution with compliance baked in the code, accelerating product market readiness 

Artificial Intelligence

Using the cutting edge machine learning models to monitor performance

Audit Trail

Every action is well documented to ensure an accurate and traceable audit trail

Predictive Maintenance

Plan for machine replacements and maintenance by our predictive maintenance eliminating downtime

Remote monitoring
and support

Troubleshoot and examine faulty machines remotely, boosting customer satisfaction

Digital SOP

Ensure operators` consistency by using our built-in Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to increase efficiency and accuracy

On-machine video instructions

Empower the end-user to take full advantage of each machine through our integrated video instructions module

Connectivity to LIMS

Enter the world of the Internet Of Things (IoT) by connecting every machine to the Certos Network

Intuitive Controls

The Certos HMI solution simplifies control for operators and makes their user experience seamless

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Dramatically boost efficiency

Create massive additional value for your customers

Savings in Personnel Cost​

Users save up to 48% of personnel time when using equipment that runs Certos.

Savings in IT Integration Cost

Users save thousands of EUR in IT integration cost when using equipment that runs Certos. 

Savings From Less Errors​

Users avoid costly process errors when using equipment that runs Certos.

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Unique collaboration model

CTOs experience reduced development time, cost, and risk of IT projects

Reduce time

All our previous projects have been delivered in less than 3 months very much to the satisfaction of our customers

Reduce cost

90% of all functions are done. We just need to add the specific process of your equipment

Reduce risk

Specifications can be minimal since you see beforehand what you get in a fully working mockup

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Make even your CFO Happy…


There is no upfront CAPEX investment into licences. That means the project incurs no capital investment.


Certos needs only minimal adaption to your specific equipment. Typically 90% of the development work is already done. You incur only customization cost

Pay per sale

License cost only incurs as your product makes it into the market and generates sales for you

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