<span style="color:#fff;font-size:38px;font-weight:600">We Enable Manufacturers</span>
of laboratory equipment 
to become innovation leaders 
within 3 months 
and at a fraction of the usual cost.
<span style="color:yellow">Guaranteed!</span>
We Enable Manufacturers
of laboratory equipment
to become innovation leaders
within 3 months
and at a fraction of the usual cost.
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CertOS 4
... the most advanced operating system for laboratory equipment!
Now with
Artificial intelligence
remote support
GMP/FDA certification
predictive maintenance

Transform your new or exsiting

Laboratory machine into a...

What We Do

We show manufacturers of laboratory equipment that want to bring their equipment up to date with the latest information technology and user interface technology,

but are frustrated with the time, cost and risks of product development,

why they have had the completely wrong focus and wasted a lot of time, effort and money doing things that in the end could not work and were doomed to failure from the start.

You have failed because you relied on partners for custom development or worked with limited in-house capacity, which is not really the solution.

Instead, you have been blind to your real problem, which is that the complexity of a modern, GMP-compliant laboratory device brings IT challenges that far exceed the usual effort of developing a user interface.

Yet at the same time, the challenges are 90% identical between different devices. Manufacturers have acted as if “Windows” had to be re-developed for each computer you want to develop.

As a result, many manufacturers of low volume devices were unable to take the necessary innovation steps and suffer from an outdated interface and lack of ability to integrate their devices into modern laboratory processes.

However, a modern user interface, GMP certification and connectivity are the basic requirements for selling laboratory equipment in the high-priced, high-margin segment.


With this sonic boom of innovation

  • you will immediately differentiate yourself from the competition and
  • be perceived as an innovation leader.

This will then enable you to address new market segments and higher prices.

Your financial benefit

This will be only a fraction of the cost, time and risk of a normal development project.

In an attractive collaboration model, you only pay modest  customizing costs in advance and thereafter only license fees when you actually make sales with the device. 

Who We Help

When developing modern laboratory equipment,

you are facing new customer demands as a manufacturer

R&D managers,

have you had one of the following experiences?

If you face any obstacle like this, click here to send us an email and let’s start the discussion. Also, submit your obstacle in the development process and let us find an answer for you. Let’s start the discussion.

The IT industry has lied to you before...

Now is the time for a new approach and the revolution in the IT solutions of laboratory equipment.

Do face any of these struggles on the way to innovation in your laboratory products?

Now there is a better way to do this

How We Help

Fast product development success is at your doorstep

Do you want fast product innovation success?

CertOS is a new opportunity for manufacturers of laboratory equipment.

Our free expert consultation...
is the first step...
to product innovation succes!

In this consultation

  • you can ask your questions
  • together we evaluate what the options for you are
  • and what the outlook of rapid, highly successful product development and product innovation is for you. 

Try the software as a service revolution

Sign up now for a consultation with one of our product experts to discuss your path to successful innovation, higher sales, new market segments, better addressing of customer needs and becoming a global innovation leader.

This software framework saves 90% of the development effort when trying to realize
FDA CFR 21 compliance of your laboratory equipment.

Why Choose Us

CertOS has the answers to your customers’ demands.

Ease of use

Check out our onscreen tutorials that are on the machine.

Operating manuals are a thing of the past.

Intuitive interface

We have the latest user experience knowledge incorporated into our user interface.

Deliver on time

Our controllers have touchscreens and are widget-based so you can offer seamless solutions.

Save time

Upgrading with CertOS renders your laboratory equipment into a paperless lab machine.

Always up

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning based predictive maintenance and options for remote maintenance and remote support make downtime a thing of the past.

See how other manufacturers had transformed their products with CertOS

Want to learn more about these success stories?

Book a free expert call to learn more

CertOS is a complete solution for your laboratory equipment.

What if you could offer your customers:

Email us to discuss which new features you could offer that will delight your customers

From the desk of our CEO

Dear CEOs, dear CTOs, dear CMOs,

I have personally witnessed how hard it is to develop the necessary IT solutions for new modern laboratory equipment.

  • I have tried, I have struggled, I have failed.
  • I have wasted money.
  • I have had external companies develop solutions and I’ve thrown them all away; just to start anew.
  • I have struggled to find the right requirements to even understand what I need exactly and what will be a “good” solution.

It has taken me seven years to actually make it to the market with my innovative products.

… That is why I have thought further.

What would I really want? … and this is how I’ve come up with CertOS.ai.

CertOS.ai is a framework that allows you to completely change the controls and the data management of your laboratory equipment in just a few months.

We have software, hardware modules that you can easily implement.

It can be handled by your internal IT staff or we offer to do the customizing for you.

It’s a very flexible approach and it gets you rid of 90% of the time required to implement that innovation and 80% of the cost involved upfront.

You only pay us as far as you want our help in customizing the framework and then you pay a license fee only once you make sales.

There is no more risk of huge upfront IT development.

Talk to me so that I can share my experiences and we find the solution for your path to product innovation success.


Michael Dirix

CEO, CertOS.ai

Technical Overview


  • Do you manufacture laboratory equipment?
  • Do you want to sell your equipment in the GMP, GLP, FDA CFR 21 field.
  • Do you want
    • a modern intuitive user interface
    • a cloud-based data management,
    • perfect integration with all LIMS systems.
  • Do you have demanding customers?
  • Do you have equipment that is manufactured in low volume?
  • Do you want to upgrade your current product line of laboratory equipment?
  • Do you want to launch a new product in laboratory equipment?

Hungry for a breakthrough? Book a free expert call now to discuss your next breakthrough

  • This is for CEOs who want to show massive innovation.
  • This is for CMOs who want to address new market segments quickly.
  • This is for heads of R&D who want to break free from the shackles of individual IT development and go a new way.
  • This is for developers who want to show that they can use the best tools available.
  • This is for CTOs who want to get their company on a radically different and improved track.

Want success? Want results too? Book a free expert call now get a vision of what your success will look like.

  • You will get breakthrough innovation for your laboratory equipment.
  • You will get innovation within three months ready for your customer to experience it.
  • You will face only about 20% of the usual cost that occurs upfront.
  • You will face no development risk. You see what you get beforehand.
  • You will have ultra-low capital expenditures, CapEx
  • You will have ultra-low operating expense, OpEx.
  • You will get an amazing effect on your P&L and your balance sheet.
  • You have a massive variable realization of costs. You pay only when you sell, just like the software as a service revolution in all other areas.

Want results too? Book a free expert call now to determine what results you can get from CertOS

  • Breakthrough innovation.
  • You become a world-class head of R&D.
  • You become a world-class CTO that delivers results and builds on modern architectures.
  • You become an innovation leader without the usual cost involved.
  • You get rid of development risks.
  • You can boost sales by addressing new segments and new customer needs.
  • You can address new market segments
  • You can address new customer needs
  • You can address new niches.

Sounds good? Book a free expert call now to determine whether this is for you

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We show manufacturers of laboratory equipments that want to bring their equipment up to date with the latest information technology and user- interface technology.