We provide GMP-compliant, HMI, connectivity and data management software for laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers

Our Vision

To provide the best HMI software for laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers. Certos enables all laboratory equipment manufacturers to offer cutting-edge HMI and connectivity solutions

Our Mission

1. Provide the best software for the best laboratory equipment
2. Be the stewards of our customers’ innovation success
3. Enable lab equipment to add substantial value to end-users
4. Excite our customers with ease of implementation

The Certos leadership

Certos software is built from experience

Micheal Dirix


The technical CEO with a passion for GMP compliant HMI solutions 


Moritz Gruber

Head Of Board

Head of board with a 60 year family business history in laboratory equipment

Klaus Heffels


Head of sales with a passion for adding value to customers 

Discover Certos

We offer a comprehensive HMI solution for laboratory equipment using an innovative framework and cloud.

Take a closer look…

Certos framework

Use our modular framework to rapidly develop innovative human-machine interfaces drastically speeding up R&D cycles and reducing time to market with a fraction of the cost

Certos white-label cloud

Certos powerful white-label server (on-premise or in the cloud) gives your customers a range of valuable function such as device management, secured and encrypted raw data storage, centralized SOP management