Your laboratory product IT innovation is already 90% done...

Certos - the software suite
to build lab equipment

Manufacturers of laboratory equipment need to fulfil huge demands from regulators and from integration into lab 4.0 environments. The Certos framework delivers all necessary functions to build laboratory equipment - from user interface to data handling to security to white-label cloud solution.

Certos framework

Use our modular framework to rapidly develop innovative human machine interfaces drastically speeding up R&D cycles and reducing time to market with the fraction of the cost

Certos white-label cloud

Certos powerful white-label server (on-premise or in the cloud) gives your customers a range of valuable function such as device management, secured and encrypted raw data storage, centralized SOP management

Superior cloud solution

Certos HMI can connect the lab equipment with many devices and set up a data-driven lab 4.0 model

Certos HMI framework can be integrated with a cloud to connect devices and IT environments for the real-time exchange of data and processes

Security in connection and operation to provide protection eg in data transfer, uploading, storage

Certos HMI has software setting to adapt with developers’ and end-users’ requests

Embedded Engineering is the process of controlling various devices that are different from traditional computers, using software engineering.
Integrating software engineering with non-computer devices leads to the formation of embedded systems.

The architecture of Certos HMI is compatible with any operating systems

Certos is built with artificial intelligence based on machine learning to generate predictive maintenance, repairment and many other predictive analyses

Unrivaled laboratory specialization

Reimagine how laboratory software is
developed and maintained with Certos

Ultra fast development cycles

Certos is an infrastructure platform that connects every machine inside laboratory settings from RFID readers, scanners to label printers

Save on compliance

Normally it takes month to get a new device certified, with Certos compliance and certification is baked into the framework eliminating the legal and technical obstacles

Future proof solution

Our remote maintenance and updates protocol ensures that connected devices are future proof and secure

Full range of peripherals support

Focus on innovation instead of implementation by using our modular framework to build up custom applications and get a market ready product in under 3 months

Boost customer satisfaction

The Certos state-of-the-art touch based interface offers users a seamless experience that is similar to using their smartphones reducing support requests and increasing productivity

Drive new revenue pools

Stand out of the crowd and generate recurring revenue sales through the Certos Predictive maintenance, apps and cloud services