Your laboratory product IT innovation is already 90% done...

Certos - the software suite to build lab equipment

Manufacturers of laboratory equipment need to fulfill huge demands from regulators and integration into lab 4.0 & industry4.0 environments. The Certos framework delivers all necessary functions to build laboratory equipment - from user interface to data handling to security to white-label cloud solution.

Certos framework

Use our modular framework to rapidly develop innovative human-machine interfaces drastically speeding up R&D cycles and reducing time to market with a fraction of the cost

Certos white-label cloud

Certos powerful white-label server gives your customers a range of valuable function such as device management, secured and encrypted raw data storage, centralized SOP management

Technology of HMI framework

Certos HMI framework comes with more than 200 drivers for connecting to third-party laboratory devices directly, with a state-of-the-art communication standard for device-2-device communication.


Certos allows simultaneous support of multiple communication protocols and standards or proprietary protocols. With dedicated configurable coding systems, Certos supports flexible mapping between local and external codes and identifiers.

What does CertosCloud integration mean? 

The Certos Framework is designed to be fully compatible with CertosCloud device management platform. CertosCloud is a fully managed, scalable, and fault-tolerant laboratory device management platform. 

Certos Cloud serves as FDA compliant automated backup and restore solution and as a remote device management platform. The platform supports up to 500.000 devices and users and up to 1000 TB of storage.

Certos promises security in connection and operation to provide protection, e.g., in data transfer, uploading, storage, and many more. 

We will continuously maintain and update the frameworks to ensure that connected laboratory equipment remains safe as well.

Certos HMI framework comes with rich preference utilities that are completely ready-to-use, including a default GUI, which allows manufacturers to have full customization over appearance and functionality. 

The preference utilities make it easy to create Part 11 compliant application settings (such as changing system time, set up maintenance reminders, user management settings such as user roles)

Certos has deep expertise in connecting to tablet-PC with the typical Microprocessor-based controlling of a laboratory device. 

We have designed our unique communication logic with lots of experience in connecting existing devices to a new controller.

Certos is a cross-platform application and HMI framework. It includes a cross-platform class library, integrated development tools, and a cross-platform integrated development environment. 

Certos can even enable developers to quickly and efficiently develop industrial, scientific, or Web-enabled applications.

Your laboratory device user interface is everything that the user can see and interact with. Certos provides a wide variety of pre-built UI components, such as structured layout objects and UI controls, to build the graphical user interface for your application. 

Certos also provides other UI modules for special interfaces such as dialogues, notifications, and menus.

The framework has a range of functions built-in for user support. These are on-screen live user support, on-screen instruction videos, and the option to schedule live calls on the machine using team viewer

Certos Framework backups all data in the background. No manual work is required to do software backups. The backup service ensures smooth operation to avoid any loss of data, results, and lab equipment progress via cloud-integrated functions.

Certos can ensure a proper backup process, copy and update in a separate system from the primary data. Certos promises to protect your data against any possible losses of data, results, and progress via our specialized cloud-integrated functions.

Certos is built with artificial intelligence based on machine learning to generate predictive maintenance, repairment, and many other predictive analyses

Certos allow LEMs and end-users to have multiple users on the same device or the HMI that works like different computer accounts. 

This will ensure not only efficiency in collaboration but also the safety and security of each user

Certos HMI Framework enables developers and users to extend the software by adding more applications

Certos HMI framework supports a wide range of office printers, scanners, and essential equipment of lab setting

Superior cloud solution

Certos is built around one key challenge: Automatically fulfill the CFR 21 Part 11 and GMP requirements. 

Certos will turn your lab equipment into a CFR 21 Part 11 compliant solution.

The Certos white-label cloud is built using the latest technologies

Extending the features of the Certos Cloud works by simply adding prebuilt widgets. And, if need be, you can easily build your widgets and run them on top of the platform

Certos Cloud will provide various features to satisfy each customer’s needs

CertosCloud is certified with top-ranking security qualifications, protocols and can guarantee the highest level of secured connection

Certos Cloud can enable the HMI to use machine-learning via cloud connection to perform predictive maintenance, analytics, and many other functions

Some of your customers dislike using cloud services. No problem! 

CertoCloud can also run on-premise with a one-click installation. We even offer pre-approved hardware.

With Certocloud, you can safely access your lab devices from any smartphone or tablet

Certos can control multiple devices at the same time via the CertosCloud

Certos can connect with external devices, including other lab equipment, printers, scanners, and other devices

Unrivaled laboratory & industry specialization

Reimagine how laboratory software is developed and maintained with Certos

Satisfy GMP/ CFR 21, Part 11 requirements with renowned expertise

Certos is built around one key challenge: Automatically fulfill the CFR 21 Part 11 and GMP requirements. Certos turns your lab equipment into a CFR 21 Part 11 compliant solution

We know the lab/research/GMP IT ecosystem and can easily integrate with them

Certos HMI can easily integrate with any lab information system, electronic notebook system, and lab execution system even with emerging lab communications standards

Show standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the machine

Certos includes standard operating procedures directly on the machine. The SOP matches the sample that is about to be processed

Match new lab device standards and keep the HMI up to date

Certos can communicate using all laboratory device communication protocols and will continuously update the interfaces

Possess expertise from 60+ years of experience in laboratory equipment

Ceros is built from experience. The origins of Certos are a 60+ years old manufacturer of laboratory equipment. We understand all aspects of manufacturing and the demands of the market

We have practical experiences with laboratory processes

Certos has deep experience with laboratory processes and how to create real value for lab end users. For example, in one case, a Certos solution saved 48% of the time required to complete an analysis​

Possess in-depth knowledge for categories of devices

Certos has in-depth knowledge of the functioning of different lab equipment categories.

Functionality of log setting and error log

Certos HMI has a full logging function of the operational result data, but it can record the setting changes, past operations, and errors during operations

Groundbreaking value creation for end-users

Saves end-users time in operation

A lab device that runs Certos will save end-users significant amounts of time. In an example we were able to save a customer 48% of process capacity required

Increased quality of processes

Certos provides higher process quality to laboratories through an end-to-end digital process, SOP-based operation, and Artificial Intelligence Anomaly detection

Ensure lower total cost of ownership

Equipment built on Certos provides a low total cost of ownership for the end-user because it saves much money in IT integration and process cost

Increase efficiency of equipment operation

Certos ensure high uptime of the equipment through predictive maintenance, remote maintenance, and on-machine live user support. Thereby it saves precious time and laboratory capacity for the end-user.

Provide easy training process

Lab equipment that runs Certos explains itself to the end-user. There are training videos displayed right on the machine, the user manual is stored on the machine, and all functions can have a help function to explain them

Provide committed support with always-up communication

With Certos, you can support your end-users where and when they need it: Right on the machine with a video connection to your service specialists with real-time access to the machine.

Deliver exciting useability

Using Certos, you will deliver exciting usability to your customers

Extend easily with an app-based extension of uses

Certos HMI Framework enables users to extend the uses of their lab equipment by installing further apps (as provided by the manufacturer)

Ensure easy customisation whenever customers need

Certos HMI Framework enables manufacturers to easily extend or customize the software by adding more applications and wizards

Provide a comprehensive device management solution

With Certos Cloud, you can

Browse through the device data via a web browser. Open the device database with a big screen such as a notebook, the results and records can be better reviewed and confirmed by the technical assistant than on the laboratory device itself. The records PDF files can be signed and saved remotely without directly going to the laboratory device.

Rapid system integration for LIMS and third-party software. The laboratory IT department has a comfortable life connect to the FTP server or REST-API service of the Certos Cloud. No need to install software on a notebook or to write custom data transfer tools.

Fully automated data backups and raw data storage: The laboratory staff doesn't need to export log files, save raw data, or do data backups of the audit trail data anymore. All is done fully automatically according to 21 CFR Part 11 without any manual work. Even no programming or installation of software is required.

Game-changing ease of adoption

Certos enables lab equipment manufacturers to shorten the time of development from years to months

90% of the functions that are necessary for a connected lab machine are already built

No need to redevelop your entire product. Certos connects to your existing microcontroller and can even be installed on the exiting screen hardware in some cases

Certos provides a wide range of pre-approved hardware options for extra smooth implementation. (The software runs on any suitable hardware, though)

Certos reinvented how customization works: Instead of a risky development process, you now see beforehand precisely what you will get in a comprehensive proof of concept

For a perfect HMI, sometimes the default enclosure for the HMI is not enough. Not every company has internal resources to design and produce a custom enclosure. Certos is not a software provider only. Certos also offers custom HMI hardware consulting or full ready as a turnkey solution.

Laboratory devices with Certos Framework can be updated manually or automatically. On-demand, a reminder can be shown if a new update is available.

Laboratory devices with installed Certos framework perfectly fit into small laboratories or also in big laboratories. Due to the rich network protocols and REST API the grade of automation can be adjusted to the end-users needs.

Nowadays, we are used to the fact that laboratory equipment’s hardware and software become outdated after a few years. The functions of these laboratory devices are fixed and do not adapt to new market trends. This is different for laboratory devices with Certos Framework from now on. Hardware: Certos Framework is a software that was not only tailored to specific hardware. Similar to apps for smartphones, Certos Framework is compatible with the hardware of many different HMI manufacturers. If after ten years the hardware should be changed, this is possible without adapting the software. No matter if the new hardware has Windows, Linux, iOS or, Android as an operating system. Software: The Certos Framework is already installed on many lab devices. When new communication standards like SiLA2, AniML, or new third party software are released. The Certos Framework team ensures that these new standards are available as an update for all lab equipment manufacturers using the Certos Framework.”

LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups or premium platforms for Certos developers and users (ideas: impact consulting platform)

If the Certos company goes bankrupt, a security mechanism ensures the customers’ source code access. The source code of the underlying framework is disclosed to customers so that the end product can continue to be maintained.

Superior economic offering


Using Certos in your laboratory equipment required no capital expenditures. You do not need to buy licenses upfront nor make investments in external R&D. No CAPEX will show up in your balance sheet


With Certos you save drastically on the inhouse capacity and cost required to innovate your laboratory products

Pay-per-sale license model

With Certos, you only incur a cost when you make sales. The cost of your IT innovation becomes fully variable expenses. In our pay-as-you-go model, the licenses become a cost of goods sold (COGS), and the purchase of the license can be activated until you deliver the product. For transparency: We do require an upfront MOQ for administrative efficiency.

Offer lab 4.0 revenue options

Turn your lab equipment product into a recurring revenue opportunity. Certos is ready to provide chargeable data management features, service contracts, and pay-per-use models

Financing options for customization cost

Certos even provides a fully customized done-for-you solution where the cost of customization is charged only at a later point in time. We do offer full financing packages for our services