Certos offers a part 11 compliant device management cloud as a white label solution

CertosCloud is a cloud based device management cloud. GXP and Part 11
compliant automatic backup storage,
data visualization, device configuration and remote service.

Certos delivers significant value to end-users

Quality Control Employees

Are delighted because the full system and data restoration feature after device failure leveraging Certos Cloud real-time backups

Laboratory Staff

Are thrilled as they are able to remotely configure devices via Certos cloud with no need to travel and spending countless hours in the lab


Are excited by having all connected device data easily accessible via REST API leading to rapid system integration and maintenance

Quality Assurance Staff

Are in control as they are able to utilize our process mining to its full potential and compare working process to SOP

Certos white-label cloud features

White-Label and full customizing options
Collect data from a laboratory device
21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Visualize the device data
Analyze incoming data and historical data
Store data reports
Configure a laboratory device in realtime
Connect third-party applications such as LIMS
Access for manufacturer and end-user

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