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Tech Evaluation | Demo | Proof of concept | Turnkey solution | Managed cloud | Support

However you choose to leverage the Certos framework, we got you covered. From developer support to a turnkey solution. We even run your cloud offering.

Accompanying the Certos framework,
we offer a full range of services to ensure your success

Tech evaluation

We research your product`s needs and delivers a comprehensive evaluation


We offer a hands-on demo for your development and executive teams to experience the Certos offering

Proof of concept

We supply turn-key HMI solutions for your laboratory equipment based on the Certos framework

Turn-key solutions

We supply turn-key HMI solutions for your laboratory equipment based on the Certos framework

Managed services

We run your company’s device management cloud offering

Developer support

When your internal developers use the Certos framework, we are at their side with support and training

Tech evaluation

Tired of getting services and products your company is not really benefiting from? Our team will work from day one to understand your core principles, values, and unique selling points. We establish a firm understanding of your business`s needs and present a comprehensive report on how will Certos boost your sales, streamline your innovation process and shorten your time to market.


Interested in the Certos offerings? then book a free consultation for our team to get in touch and design a custom demo for your company. The Certos demo is customized based on your brand, equipment in production, and required features. This is an opportunity for you and your team to ask any questions to our technical team and get a full view on the Certos value

Proof of concept

Ready to onboard Certos as your next software partner? What about getting a technical proof of concept to be deployed on one or more of your machines This ensures that before committing to full-scale development, all your product features and functions can be implemented within Certos. This proof of concept is also an opportunity to showcase the potential of the new product to your customers, end-users, and co-decision makers early on in the process

Turn-key solutions

Although Certos covers 90% of what a smart HMI for laboratory equipment needs to do, you nevertheless still need to customize Certos to your specific product.

Why not let us do it for you? We are the specialists on this. We are very experienced in connecting Certos to your existing microcontroller inside your products. Obtaining a turnkey solution for your lab equipment HMI is now easier than ever before.

We provide a solution for your needs in a record-breaking time. Certos takes all your current features in our unique development approach and adds all the Certos features on top. That way, you know exactly what you get.
It has never been that easy to get your next-generation human-machine-interface to the market.

Certos does a full turnkey solution at a fixed price. Most of our customers have been implemented their product successfully within three months
A simple three-step process get you to your desired result:
  • Mock - up: Lets you see what your new HMI will look like
  • Proof of concept: Fully functional prototype lets your test our solution with a limited feature set
  • Turn-key solution: We provide your product innovation
  • Managed Services

    Your customers expect a full device management solution with their laboratory equipment.

    You can provide massive additional value as a device manufacturer in this area. Certos has a ready-made solution for you with CertoCloud. This is a device management server that can be run locally or in the cloud.

    We even run it for you to have no hassle with providing a breakthrough solution to your customers. Raw data management, audit trail, predictive maintenance, asset management.

    It is all there.

    Developer Support

    Certos can be implemented by you through your in-house capabilities. Or, if we delivered a turn-key solution, you can change and adapt it with your in-house capabilities.

    For example, you can easily code a custom widget based on your customers’ demands. We offer full support to your developers to maximize their effectiveness and ensure a smooth implementation process.

    Also, we offer training to your developers to get them up to speed on the framework and the latest insights into laboratory equipment IT trends